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Crêpes mania

Le 22 juillet 2015, 15:42 dans Cuisine 0

Hello guys ! After yesterday's article and my disclaimer about the increasing of the pitiful quality of services especially in restauration I've decided to take things in hand, and to cook myself ! During my holidays, the only plate that I've enjoyed eating is crêpe. It's very appreciated in France, and it has crossed the frontiers. The practical thing about crêpes is that like pastas you can add pretty much anything in and on it. Good crêpes are the ones which are tasty even without filling. Orange blossom is my favorite aroma, and it's the base of a good crêpe dough. When the crêpe is being baked all the scents are tenfold and your stomach starts to make noise. My favorite ingredient to add on crêpe is maple sirop. Indeed, I prefer it on crêpes than on pancakes, and on pancake what I like the most is figue jam. Anyway, lets go back to crêpes ! 


On the Ile d'Oléron there are plenty " Crêperies et glaciers ", and to be honest it's rare to fall on bad crêperies. Because they are "glaciers" too, on their menu you can go for a simple crêpe with sugar for the simplest ones, or nutella, maple sirop, jam, and the Ile d'Oléron specialty : caramel au beurre salé. Indeed, on the island they make salt, and they use it for everything, especially butter. And this very butter is used to make caramels. On the island you can find caramels au beurré salé everywhere ! They are in different shapes : sweets, and is the texture is smoother it becomes a topping.bonbons-caramel-300x214


So I was saying that you can go for "simple" things with your crêpes, but also fore more elaborated desserts. Indeed, you often see in crêperies' menu ice cream. And guys, it's a killing ! The contrast between the heat of the crêpe and the cold of the ice cream is just perfect. The ice cream is melting on top of the crêpe, a delight !


You can also add fruits, whipped cream, nuts and so on. 


I really like the combo chocolate and coconut as well. 


For a lightest treat you can go for fruits, but of course it's tastier with whipped cream and ice cream haha 


My brother took one filled with nutella and covered with whipped cream. The cream was melting all over the crêpe, but it did nit had time to melt entirely : he eaten his dessert in less than 2 min ! 


A crêpe is not as thick as a pancake, so it's easier to eat. More over, it's a French specialty, we eat it for the Chandeleur. It's always convivial to make crêpes and I think that is a funny treat to cook with your family. Children love them, and growns up too. The only thing, 2 things actually, that bother me about this meal is that you have to let the paste rest for at least 2 hours, and it's torture to wait to make them ! The other bad point is... to make them ! It's very thin, and hard to return. It's very fragile, and you have to be very careful not to break them. Wholes, dry edges, among other things, are the dangers of the realization of crêpes. But if the paste is well done the taste will be here anyway. The inconvenient is that if there are wholes in your crêpe it's gonna be hard to fill it, especially if you want to add a liquid topping like maple sirop. But you  can totally use a knife and a fork, cut pieces of crêpe and dip it in your sirop or chocolate, or anything you want, like a fondue. 

I hope that you've liked reading this article, that you are now hungry and that you will make yourself crêpes, or go to a nice crêperie. If you make them on your own let your imagination guide you for the ingredients you want to add to it. You can also replace the orange blossom by any aroma that you want, depending on your tastes. So this is it guys, bon apétit !! 


Paris Fashion Week

Le 8 juillet 2015, 16:45 dans Mode 0

From Sunday the 5th to Thursday the 9th it’s the Paris Fashion week. Designers of the entire world introduce their Autumn / Winter 2015-2016 Haute Couture collections.

View on Paris form Notre Dame cathedralView on Paris form Notre Dame cathedral

Paris was the first city where a fashion week occurred. It has known an international development over the years, and now Milano, London and New-York have joined Paris and composed the Grand Chelem of fashion. Even though every fashion weeks have their importance and their influence in the world of Haute Couture, and by extension in the prêt-à-porter, Paris is THE place to go. Indeed, whether you are a designer, a photographer, a model, a fashion journalist, a blogger and so on you will always find inspiration. La Ville Lumière as it’s called is the capital the most visited in the world. French people are known for their refinement, and especially Les Parisiennes and their inner elegance.


Gabrielle Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior, Jeanne Lanvin… These names have crossed the years, and they are more than names. Indeed, behind those names are people, not just the designers but also the couturières, and all the artisans who work every day trying to pass their savoir-faire. I think for exemple about people who draw patterns on Hermès carrés de soie, or people whom create Louis Vuitton bags. Silk and leather, inter alia, require a certain technique of work, an experience, and it’s this savoir-faire, this talent and the rarity of people able to achieve such things that make those creations so exceptional.

Of course at the origins of a new collection there are the designers. They find inspiration every where, and their collections represent who they are, the way they see the world, the society and they try to pass everything through fashion.

To me, fashion is not just about wearing clothes, it’s about express yourself and feel confident. It also has a political, at least a societal side. For exemple, it’s thanks to Coco Chanel that women have started to wear pants. With her  it’s the emancipation of women which has started. In a sexist society she empowered women by giving them the possibility to wear whatever they wanted, even masculine clothes.


YSL also gave this androgyne side in his collections. Women were not only wearing pants, they were wearing smoking jackets withouts bras, tuxedos, and even ties. YSL managed to show the ambiguity of genders, and for me, by making smoking for women, he has spread the idea of sex equalities, and everything that makes equality move forward is a good thing.


I also think that it’s important to talk about the fact that black people were hide as models. Before those big names of fashion it was rare to see colored people on the catwalk or in fashion magazines. Thanks to great artists who decided to show human kind in all it’s faces, society was able to evolve.

Loving fashion doesn’t mean being superficial. Caring about our appearance is normal to me, liking our reflection in the mirror is very important. We living our whole life with our own self, it’s crucial to like who we are, no matter what people think.

A collection can be inspired by a landscape, a painting, a memory, porcelaine… Fashion is a window on the world, on the past, present and future. Fashion doesn’t know temporality, it never fades away : style is eternal. Indeed, it’s made upon the world, the human kind, and as long as we exist there will always be something to create.

I also believe that it’s important to appropriate a collection. In the prêt-à-porter industry, the same piece is made 637829 times, but each one of us will wear it differently. No one must try to copy someone else, and fashion allows you to find your own style.

Fashion really helped me to love myself. I was a very shy girl, and I turned into a confident woman, and God it feels so good to finally be OK with who I am ! If you think you are too short you can wear heels, too skinny, too fat, too tall… There always is a trick to change your appearance and look more the way you want to.

For all those reasons, and a lot more, fashion is one of the most important thing in my life. I have watched plenty shows since Sunday, and I will keep doing it until the end of the Fashion Week, and when it will end I will eagerly be waiting for the next one.


Summer tan

Le 4 juillet 2015, 17:49 dans Beauté 0

Intercontinental Tahiti

Hello guys ! As the sun is hardly hitting France since the beginning of the week ( the canicule plan has been decreed ), I’ve started to expose myself to UV. Of course not in a dangerous manner, I protect my skin, my eyes and my head, I drink a lot of water or ice tea, and when it’s too hot I come back inside. If you want to have a nice tan without becoming orange or red I have made a selection of few products that I love : tested and approved !


Lancaster is a very good brand, an expensive one, yet it worth the price. This is a tinted jelly which is supposed to activate your skin and make it more receptive to the sun rays. It smells very good and it works. Indeed, it gives your skin this noce, soft and glowy color. Nonetheless, it has two major inconvenients :   it’s hard to spread on the body. The texture is thick and sticky, not very practical to applicate. The second BIG issue : it’s a tinted jelly, so it has also tinted my clothes !!! Fortunately I was wearing old stuff, so I didn’t care about them being tinted, but I was very pissed ! So be very careful during the application and after. Don’t wear clothes that you care about !


This is also a Lancaster product, it’s an after sun cream which is supposed to prolongate your tan. I really like it, moisturizing, smells good, nice texture, nothing bad to say about it really. I vigorously recommend it to you. The plus of this cream is the fact that it’s a tan maximizer, so it’s not just a moisturizing cream, it also has ingredients that makes your tan lasts longer. Lancaster products are available in beauty stores like Sephora, or on their website.


This is a picture of the collection of sun products by the brand Soleil des îles. Those products are available in supermarkets and affordable. There is also a website. They are in majority made with monoï, so it smells very goooood ! Indeed, it’s inspired by the products people use in islands such as Hawaï or Thaïti. They make pretty much every thing either it’s the texture of the products : oils, creams, jellies, milks; their purpose : tanning, protecting, moisturizing and so on. I really love this brand because of it’s variety of products and the price whites very attractive.


This is a shower gel from the brand Ushuaïa. This product is available in drugstores, so it doesn’t cost a lot. The particularity of this product is that it’s supposed to reveal the tan on your skin. Indeed, it has ingredients that activate the melanin. It contains little grains because it’s also an exfoliating shower gel. It’s not agressive so you can use it daily. When you get out of the shower the bathroom smells very good, your skin is smooth, hydrated and glowy.


This is a make up product you’re gonna say. Yes it is, but it’s more : it’s THE Terracotta from Guerlain, the one and only. I loooove this product, it gives your skin this « je ne sais quoi » that every one wants on their skin. Guerlain make different Terracottas, my favorite one being the original one. It doesn’t make you orange, and even if it’s a powder it’s very light on the face, it doesn’t feel like you were wearing plaster even when it’s hot and you’re sweating. It’s expensive, but it’s an investment that won’t disappoint you, Guerlain is a reliable brand.

I will end this article by giving you some advice to optimize your tan : just because you’re exposing yourself to the sun doesn’t mean you will be tan in 10 minutes. Your skin need to be prepared and get used to the sun rays. Be careful to protect your skin, to hydrate yourself, not to be exposed for too long, even if you’re in the shadow the sun rays will get to you, so no need to over exposed yourself ! To finish, betacarotene will help you getting tanner. Some aliments such as carrots, mango, apricots, pomelos and spinach are some exemple. Eating fruits and vegetables when they are ripe is more efficient. I personally have liters of carrot juice at home, I drink several glasses of it fo months, it has a special taste at the first time, but now I really like it. I can’t tell if it’s efficient, but it’s sure that it’s full of vitamins and that it will give you energy.

This is it for this article, I hope you’ve liked it and that you’re having a nice weather. Have a good day ! xoxo

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